Why so Many Research Chemicals?

We at Researchchemicals4u make no secret of the fact we have a wide variety of plant food chemicals, some of which, at first glance, seem remarkably similar. What, for example, is the difference between nrg-2 and nrg-3? Well, a chemist would say it??????s the R-groups ?????? the reactive part of the structure. NRG-2 is more potent than nrg-3, but acts in a different way.The reason these chemicals work at all is because they were originally developed to enhance neurotransmitter action in humans, and amazingly, plants have the same neurotransmitters – for example norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Just as in mammals, norepinephrine is released in response to stress, forcing the plant to manufacture sugars and grow faster (the reason being, so it can propagate itself sooner ?????? the obvious way to escape danger is to grow somewhere else.) Serotonin is routinely produced in a range of plants including plantain, pineapple, banana, kiwifruit, plums, and tomatoes. It??????s also found in stinging nettles and tobacco plants, as well as some herbal remedies. However, its effect as a natural antidepressant is doubtful, as plant serotonin can??????t cross the blood-brain barrier.What is now known for certain is that when stimulated or stopped from being ??????switched off,?????? these transmitters have a beneficial effect on plant growth and propagation. It is for this reason that scientists buy NRG-3 ?????? to develop new plant foods. You may wonder why they don??????t just use NRG-2, as it??????s so potent. The reason is the same as for humans ?????? more isn??????t always a good thing.If plants are stimulated into growth too quickly, it places a heavy demand on nutrients in the soil. If these nutrients are readily available, the plant can suffer from ??????fertiliser burn?????? ?????? literally overdosing on soil chemicals. This can dry out the roots and even kill the plant. Sometimes, less potent research chemicals provide better results than highly active ones.

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