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CAS Dataloggers Introduces Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitor

Accsense Cloud-Based Wireless Solution Monitors Medical FreezersCHESTERLAND OH-March 14, 2012Pharmacies across the country constantly work to comply with increasingly demanding FDA regulations, especially 21-CFR part 11, in the storage of their temperature-sensitive life science products. Unfortunately, medical freezers often fluctuate in temperature due to uneven cooling and prolonged door opening among other causes, and these risks can be tough for staff to identify–is the door opening too frequently or is something else to blame? CAS DataLoggers now offers pharmacies an ideal solution with the Accsense A1-08 Wireless Temperature Data Logger, an automated wireless temperature monitoring and alarming system designed to protect customers’ life science materials. This wireless pod can connect to 6 NTC thermistor inputs monitoring at the critical -40??C (-40??F) range, significantly reducing user cost per measurement. The Accsense system provides users with cloud-based data storage and reporting and also serves as a convenient temperature alarm system complete with email, pager, and phone alert capabilities. Combined with the Accsense B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateway, these cost-effective data loggers offer customers a complete wireless monitoring system with the ability to view and remotely access data in real-time, transmitting recorded temperature data online for easy storage and analysis. Accsense automated monitoring eliminates the need for manual recording and is much less expensive, more reliable, and offers more data storage and regulatory documentation.The wireless pod’s internal ambient temperature sensor has a temperature range of -40??C to +70??C (-40??F to 158??F), and features 6 NTC thermistor inputs monitoring across -40??C to +112??C (-40??F to 233??F). Offering 2 digital inputs, the A1-08 pod can be connected to a wide variety of digital sensors to provide effortless and dependable online monitoring, including alarms indicating when the freezer is open. Offering pinpoint data logging accuracy to protect valuable samples and goods, all the Accsense system’s temperature measurements are made at a highly precise 0.1??C resolution, and the user-set sampling rate can be anywhere from 30 seconds to every 24 hours. In this way, intelligent alarms can be configured to trigger if 3 samples in a row see that the door is open; alternately, alarms can be set to trigger when only 1 sample reveals an open door. To deal with sudden power outages, each pod has an emergency buffer of 250 samples per sensor. The multi-thermistor pod’s range extends out to 250 ft. outdoors and 90 ft. indoors without obstructions, and the datalogger can run on either battery or AC power.The Accsense system’s advanced functionality offers users online graphing, reporting, and configuration features essential for compliance with 21-CFR part 11 and legal liability by closely monitoring and recording sensitive goods in storage. All the system requires is an RJ45 Ethernet connection with open internet access to start recording, entirely removing the need for troublesome installation and wiring. Accsense wireless dataloggers automatically send all recorded data to Rackspace, the manufacturer’s completely secure cloud server, where it is immediately stored and available using a backed-up online Accsense Account. Customers’ accounts give instant access to charts showing all measurement history with ranges as narrow as 5 minutes or as wide as 90 days, and also offer a customizable interface with a dashboard showing the most recent measurements from all sensor pods. Measurement data can also be downloaded for offline analysis. Since all the data instantly goes out to the Web, Accsense is the only system on the market that has virtually NO impact on the existing infrastructure, including server structure, IT overhead, and only a minimal impact on bandwidth.The wireless gateway includes FREE software and feature upgrades, with no software installation or firewall configuration required. Manual vertical scaling allows for consistency across multiple graphs and samples. Using an online account subscription with each gateway, users can plot measurement history and analyze tabular data. The secure servers can also send out configurable voice, text or email alarms (with premium subscription) to inform the supplier and authorized staff when a temperature reading falls out of range–the same alarm can even be sent to multiple locations! Additionally, data sent online can be downloaded as a CSV file and loaded into most database applications, and users can quickly download measurement data for offline analysis and grant password-protected, limited access to other operators. The gateway’s internal data storage can even compensate in the event of Internet outages. Using a standard web browser, users can sign in to access reports and graphs or modify the system configuration from anywhere an internet connection is available.Each A1-08 wireless pod comes delivered in a package containing an AC adapter, wall mounting and bracket, a standard antenna, 3 AA batteries, and more, providing a simple yet reliable temperature monitoring system.