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Radiology gets “Presidential” focus

If you were like most people not too long ago, you heard the news that former President Bill Clinton was admitted into the hospital with chest pains. Had it been a different era, hospital professionals would be faced with the real possibility of doing exploratory surgery on President Clinton. That procedure could very well cause death due to riskiness and exposure to germs. Yet, a mere 3 hours later, he had a simple procedure done and was released to recuperate at home. It’s amazing how far the healthcare industry has come, isn’t it? The fact that a president of our country who receives superior healthcare relied on the technology of radiology which is commonplace in hospitals makes an important statement as to the strides we have made.However, it is important to note that while radiology technology is crucial to diagnosing a health issue, there is one component that is even more important to recognize what keeps radiology results so accurate. Cleaning radiology equipment is crucial to producing clear images which is what diagnoses are made from.How do you keep equipment in top condition? The answer is simple, purchase radiology supplies to keep the equipment clean and in top working order. Let’s face it; the beauty of this technology is that something as detailed as a hairline fracture can be detected easily with these machines. If you neglect to properly care for these machines, simple diagnosis is lost and possible unnecessary surgery ensues. If you are a healthcare professional, be sure to keep a good inventory of radiology supplies on hand. You’ll be glad you did.